create CLEAN ENERGY even from very polluted resources

SGT is a clean carbon technology, allowing the responsible use of coal and waste resources, through efficient conversion to synthesis gas using an environmentally sustainable process.

What is SGT?

  • Gasification is a partial oxidation process that converts complex hydrocarbons, such as fossil fuels, to synthesis gas, which is a mixture of hydrogen and carbon monoxide (or syngas), through a thermodynamic reaction with oxygen and steam.

  • Disintegration of carbon materials takes place at the molecular level, allowing the substances (sulfur, mercury, lead, , etc.) contained in the raw material to be separated and sold, or for safe disposal.

  • Within the gasification process, a pure stream of carbon dioxide is isolated, which can be utilized by developing technologies to lower the carbon intensity of the process.

  • SGT produces low-carbon content ash, which can be recycled or sold.

  • SGT conserves up to 85% of the coal’s energy, with over 99% carbon conversion.